Welcome to Gluten Free Julia!

Gluten Free Julia is a self-confessed foodie with a particular fondness for anything caramelised, fluffy, gooey or creamy which also combines fresh produce. Raspberry, passionfruit and lemon are my all time fresh produce favs.

Due to my constant need to eat and ever-increasing appetite, I began baking at a young age under the watchful eye of my grandma, which continued into my teenage years; but this time under the watchful eye and wallet of my mother!

When I moved out of home, I was confident that I could conquer any kitchen, as well as work full time, exercise, dance, socialise and shop! I could do it all for a while, but then I started getting run down and tired, so incredibly tired. I was convinced this was due to my ambitious nature, but really it was to do with coeliac disease.

I'll skip over the sob story about how I was diagnosed with coeliac disease (and how I went to three different doctors to see if I got a different diagnosis!) or any other misery dwelling, gut wrenching (pardon the pun) story that you probably really don't care about anyway! Suffice to say, I've now accepted that I can no longer eat gluten. And I've decided to make the best of it.

My blog takes a different spin on other dietary foodie blogs. I don't aim to preach or pretend I have a medical background or all the answers. Instead, Gluten Free Julia tries to lighten the atmosphere surrounding living a gluten free lifestyle by offering a honest and humorous account of what it really means to live gluten-free and helpful advice and steps to make it easier for all involved! Let's face it, eating out is still going to be annoying, but it doesn't have to be an embarrassing and fussy dining experience for all involved.

So sit back, grab a cup of coffee and something sweet to nibble on, and feel free to browse my whinges, recipes and reviews and let me know your comments!

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